101 Energy is the basis for your path to success. Whether that’s on screen, or in real life. 101 Energy gives you the same focus and energy that pro gamers and athletes use every day to achieve extraordinary performances. Try it, and see yourself become a winner too.

101 Energy was developed to help gamers and athletes achieve above-average performances. Students also benefit enormously from taking our focus formula during heavy studies or learning sessions. Don’t like coffee and want to get a responsible boost throughout the day? In that case 101 Energy is also made for you.

101 Energy is a powder formula that you have to mix with water to create a delicious and healthy energy drink. Mix it, drink it, start your game or sport session and go for it. 101 Energy contains all sorts of natural ingredients and is packed with lots of vitamins to give you the best source of energy.

101 Energy stands out from other energy drinks because of its formula and effect. 101 Energy contains zero sugar and the same amount of anhydrous caffeine as 2 cups of coffee. This is topped off with 12 vitamins and natural plant extracts for a focus booster with a long lasting effect without a sugar crash, because nobody wants to collapse during their important game or sport session.

There is a table with all ingredients and nutritional values on our product page. Click here to go to the product page.

We recommend using 300 to 400 ml of water. The easiest way is to mix with our 101 shakers, but you can also just use a glass or cup.

We wish everyone could benefit from the effects of our formula, but do not recommend it to people who are not allowed to have caffeine in their diet. Also, always check the label to find any other ingredients that might not be suitable for you.

According to science, 400mg of caffeine per day is fine for a healthy diet. 101 Energy offers 150mg of caffeine per serving, so you can easily drink 2 per day and still have plenty of room left.

A serving of our formula contains an average of 22kcal.

Don’t worry, we already did the math for you. Per serving you pay €1.08, much less than a standard energy drink. So great for K/D, and for your wallet.