101 Energy

Your instant focus formula!

101 Energy was developed with gamers and athletes at heart. It’s a fine line between performing on screen or performing in real life. 101 Energy is there to provide the best support for people who want to level up their game. To deliver such high performance, 101 Energy is made with a rock-solid formula. Our low-calorie, sugar-free energy formula is the perfect alternative to sugar-filled, canned energy drinks and sodas.

101 Energy is specifically designed for gamers, athletes, students, entrepreneurs, people with busy schedules, people with low energy and people who are health conscious. It is perfect as both a pre-workout or as a coffee/energy drink alternative. Mix it, drink it and get the same high level focus that esports gamers and elite athletes use on a daily basis. 101 Energy is the number-one choice if you want to take home the win!

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The beauty of our formula is that it is both effective and healthy. You don’t have to worry about taking in too much sugar or other cheap substances. Because it is sugar free the calories stay low and there won’t be a sugar crash that takes you out of your game. 101 Energy is packed with vitamins that give your energy level and health a natural boost. It works perfectly to give you that extra edge for your activity. Go for the win on your favourite online game, for that one PR in the gym or for that important test you are studying for. 101 Energy gives you the focus to do it all.

  • Increased energy & focus
  • Zero sugar
  • Low calories
  • Packed with vitamins
  • Long lasting effect without a crash
  • Easy to mix
  • Delicious flavours
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